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You can easily recompile AVIL with different options to fit your needs.
All the compilation options are in the header file ../libraries/AVIL/compopt.h
By default you'll find options that allow you to use AVIL with i/o on serial line or, by changing only one option, from ethernet.
Beware of what you do here...Arduino has a very limited can't do much more than this especially if you want to work from ethernet.

If you decide to work with the serial port take a look here to setup your AVIL and Arduino at his best.
If you decide to work on ethernet take a look here to save some SRAM.

Let's see the in details:

Hardware platform:

At the beginning of compopt.h you'll find these #define directives:

1 //uncomment only the hw platform you'r using currently
3 //#define SYSTEM PC

uncomment #define SYSTEM ARDU_UNO to play with your Arduino, uncomment #define SYSTEM PC if you want try to run and debug AVIL on your PC.

Hardware settings on Arduino UNO:

You can uncomment the directive #define ETH_IO to redirect AVIL's input/output on ehternet.
The other directives enabled by ETH_IO concern the ip address and the port you want to use to telnet your Arduino.

2     //userInput/Output over ethernet
3     #define ETH_IO
4     #ifdef ETH_IO
5         //ip address
6         #define IP_www  192
7         #define IP_xxx  168
8         #define IP_yyy  1
9         #define IP_zzz  177
10         //telnet\webServer port
11         #define PORT 23
12     #endif
13     //there's an sd card?
14     #define SD_CARD
15     //additional debug functions
16     //#define DEBUG
17 #endif


This section of code defines the aspect an AVIL program has.

1 /////////////////////////////LOOK///////////////////////////////////////
2 //max number of input arguments allowed for AVIL's programs
3 #define MAX_INPUT_ARGS_NUM 2
4 //max number of output values allowed by AVIL's programs
5 #define MAX_OUT_VALS_NUM 1
6 //max chars number of an AVIL's string
7 #define MAX_STRINGLEN  16
8 //max chars number of a program's name (more than 8 it's useless with a fat16 filesistem!)
10 //max chars number of a program's (and file's) line
11 #define MAX_FILE_LINE_LENGTH  32
12 //max number of digit of a numeric value
13 #define MAX_NUMLEN  5
14 //max chars number of a variable's name (2 is the minimum)
15 #define MAX_VARNAMELEN  3
16 //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

These options are self-explanatory, just be careful with:


In this section of code you can modify the number of nested if's and for's loop you can nest in your AVIL code.
Remember...SRAM is precious!

1 /////////////////////////////////EXECUTION////////////////////////////////
2 //max number of nested if's in one program
3 #define MAX_NESTED_IF 2
4 //max number of nested for's loop in one program
5 #define MAX_NESTED_FOR 2
6 //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


This section represent the number of variables you can declare in your AVIL program for each datatype

1 /////////////////////////////////MEMORY///////////////////////////////////
2 //boolean variables number
3 #define MAX_BOOL_NUM 5
4 //integer variables number
5 #define MAX_INT_NUM 5
6 //string variables number
7 #define MAX_STRING_NUM 2
8 //labels number
9 #define MAX_LABEL_NUM 3
10 //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////