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5.2 pass arguments to an AVIL program

You can execute an AVIL program passing some arguments to it.
The max number of arguments you can pass is MAX_INPUT_ARGS_NUM as defined here.
You can pass as argument a string, a boolean or an integer.
Just remember to escape the double quotes whe passing a string as you can see in this sketch:

1 #include <avil.h>
3 avil interpreter;
5 void setup(void) {
7   if(!interpreter.init()){
8      //something wrong during initialization...want to do something? 
9   }
11   //run a program with arguments
12"argsEx.av \"ciao\" 5");
13 }
16 void loop(void) {
17   //nothing to do here...
18 }

You can access the arguments value in the AVIL program's side like this:

This program produces this output:

1 first arg: ciao
2 second arg: 5


If you're using an input argument of an AVIL program as an input for a call you must first store it as a regular variable like this:

You can't use it directly like this: